Deere well-positioned to seize the opportunities ahead

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For more than 175 years, John Deere has capitalized on opportunities – opportunities associated with a growing, more prosperous world. Today, broad trends based on population and income growth, especially in developing nations, are driving agricultural output and infrastructure investment. Further, technological advances and agricultural mechanization are opening and expanding markets.

We believe John Deere is exceptionally well-positioned to seize these opportunities. In so doing, we will fulfill our mission of supporting a higher quality of life for people everywhere through our commitment to those linked to the land.

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Over the long-term, favorable tailwinds hold great promise for our company.

For starters, the world’s population is growing steadily. By 2050, more than 9.7 billion people will be living on our planet versus about 7.3 billion in 2015. What’s more, many people will be moving into the middle class. They will be enjoying more prosperous lifestyles and diets that include more grain-intensive foods such as meat. That means more demand for farm commodities – a lot more, in fact. It is estimated that agricultural output will need to nearly double over the first half of the century to meet projected demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber.

Society is becoming more mobile, too, and increasingly rooted in urban areas. By 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population is expected to be living in cities. That will result in a smaller labor pool in rural areas and more need for mechanized farming. A larger urban population also leads to a bigger requirement for housing, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure investments.

All this supports our belief that John Deere will benefit from a rising need for productive, farm, turf, construction and forestry equipment in the years ahead.

Man driving John Deere tractor in field
Growth businesses – Agricultural and Construction equipment solutions – are in the best position to capitalize on global growth and development created by these economic trends. They'll fuel our success as we help meet the challenges of increased agricultural output and infrastructure.
John Deere tracked feller buncher transfers logs in the forest Complementary businesses – Turf and Forestry equipment solutions – support and enhance our worldwide channel development. They defend and grow market share in specific, targeted markets, while enhancing our financial performance.
Dealer employee helping customer at service desk Supporting businesses – Financial Services, Power Systems, Parts Services, and the Intelligent Solutions Group – strengthen and differentiate our other equipment solutions.
Dealer employee helping customer next to tractor
For the past decade, one key to our success has been our foundational success factors: Exceptional Operating Performance, Disciplined SVA Growth, and Aligned High-Performance Teamwork. They have guided our success and are critical to our future. We must leverage and build on these core strengths.

Future successes, though, will demand even more of us. Therefore, we're building our strength in four additional capabilities: Deep Customer Understanding, Delivering Customer Value, World-class Distribution System, and Growing Extraordinary Global Talent. These success factors are critical in order to achieve sustainable SVA growth through global expansion.

Shareholder Value Added (SVA) – the difference between operating profit and pretax cost of capital – is a metric used by John Deere to evaluate business results and measure sustainable performance.

We'll track our progress as we pursue these growth goals because executing on our critical success factors is not optional. And we'll set and monitor progress towards two key types of metrics:

Performance metrics – These are the traditional financial measures based on what we are delivering today to our stakeholders.

Performance Measures Metric Target
Sales Net Sales Growth Target $50B*(2018,at mid-cycle)
Profitability Return on Sales(Operating Margin) 12%(at mid-cycle)
Asset Efficiency Asset Turns 2.5x(2018,at mid-cycle)
*Implies a CAGR of ~ 9% (2010 – 2018) vs. historical CAGR of 7-8%

Health metrics – These are based on the company’s success factors, and are qualities, attributes, and actions being introduced to ensure the sustainability of our performance over time.

Health Measures Metric Target
Exceptional Operating
Quality % JDQPS certification
Disciplined SVA Growth Sales/SVA Mix by Geography % Non-US/Canada
Aligned High-Performance
Employee Engagement Employee Survey's Engagement

Our world and business are changing. Our core values remain.

Dealer employees talking with customers in the field
How we do business is critical to our continued success. The "How" is represented by our core values of Integrity, Quality, Commitment, and Innovation. You see the "How" in our people, products and processes. You recognize it in how we operate every business, every day, and in the ways we treat employees, customers, suppliers, dealers, and other stakeholders.

Our core values define us. They unite us and differentiate us from competitors.

Our commitment to these core values is not optional, and never wavers.

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